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  • Onscreen level meters Done!
  • Zebra stripes Done!
  • Debug manager Done!
  • Audio monitoring Done!
  • Lens focal length and focus distance Done!
  • Some Better Compression ... even 18 raw files - even jpg fine dont have that blocks.. capture whitout moving the mirror..can be interpolated in autodesk software.. even for one minute is ok.. or in mov but less compression less or no blocking. even send the data to card and only preview in the less resolution possible for not tax it..
  • Figuring out how to create additional menus
  • Understanding localization and string pointers into ROM1.bin
  • Adding custom functions for enabling/disabling new features
  • Overriding lvae_task() to remap buttons and functions
  • AUTOBOOT.BIN to automatically start the new firmware from the CF card
  • Adjusting frame rate of video
    • 24p
    • 25p (PAL)
    • 29.97 (NTSC)
    • Overcrank (48 fps or faster)
  • 720p option
  • 4 GB file limit
  • Scripting language (or full CHDK port)
  • HDR / Timelapse / etc
  • Record lens focal length, focal distance, shutter, iso, aperture, etc metadata into a file while recording movies
  • Linker script to map data and bss Done!
  • Adjustable analog/digital audio gains Done!
  • Splash screen Done!
  • Design new logo
  • HDMI video ouput for external monitors Mostly done!
  • Prevent HDMI video mode switch when recording
  • better BKT (at least 5 images in AEB, better: choose: 2,3,5,7,9)
  • Customizable Auto-ISO
  • Auto-ISO and Manual mode - User selects lens apperture and shutter speed - firmware adjusts ISO gain to get the correct exposure.
  • Support user scripts with RC-1 remote control
  • Timed Continuous Shooting / Time Lapse feature like in lower end Canon DSLR's
  • Peaking Filter and False Color filter as seen here Sobel Edge detection is sort of done!
  • Framerates higher than 30 fps
  • Less obtrusive zebra lines Now transparent!
  • More attractive Interface
  • Dedicated website so that people like me can't just change whatever they want.
  • Focus Bracketing for focus stacking
  • Posibility to shoot more than one picture with the same parameters - AV - FOCUS, etc to mean the images to get less noise.
  • Digital zoom while recording. Perhaps a 'picture-in-picture' - full screen that shows digital zoom, while PIP shows the full frame. To help focus while recording.
  • Simple 1-button white-balance method

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