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transcend CF udma 600xEdit

using a 5D mark II
and can get 70Mbit on the CBR set at 150%
and around 50Mbits on VBR without it overflowing ( set for -8)
and can get 70Mbit on VBR if set for ( -10) but overflows buffer sometimes
i have gotten 155 and 168 Mbits for one or two seconds before overflowing the buffer and stopping ( VBR at -16)
am using a transcend CF udma 600x card ( rated at 60MB a sec ) , so the card should not be holding anything back
got the same results on a 133X card
it seems something in the camera says,
nothing sustained over 10 MB a sec ...
although the 2 sec burst movies i have made shows 2X that can be recorded into temp buffer

Samsung SDHC Plus (C6)Edit

CBR 1.3x, 55-60 Mbps with audio and Global Draw On

CBR 1.9x 80-85 Mbps with audio and Global Draw Off

Tests made on 600D.

Recorded for a couple of minutes, moving quickly the camera around to simulate complex scenes.

ISO influences bitrate Edit

After some extensive testing the bitrate to chose seems to be heavily affected by your ISO Settings. Low ISO settings output a much lower bitrate as high ISO settings. In that sense a high end card (30 MBps [megabytes]) might fail to run at 6400 ISO with only a CBR setting of 1.3x.

I feel this should be posted in the article to save others a lot of stress. 02:24, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

Rob Vaessen

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