Release 0.1.9 Edit

From Trammell Hudson, Nov 28 2010:

I have been neglectful of my favorite camera these past few months and left it running the older 2.0.4 Canon firmware. Today I spent the afternon locating the necessary symbols (thanks, patchdiff2!) and have built a version that boots on the 5D Mark II with 2.0.8.

Attached is a version for folks to test. I put it through some tests and the few things I tried seemed to work (autoboot, MBR writing, zebras, int/ext mic switching, etc). I also fixed (?) a bug in the bmp_load() code: by reading into an uncacheable region of memory it seems to never get the bad results from the read.

Please give it a go and let me know if there are any outstanding issues. Once we have it a stable we should make this one generally available since all the new cameras have 2.0.8 pre-installed.

FYI: if you have a camera with a serial console, there does appear to be a password on the port now.


Support the project! Edit


Thanks to your help, we have covered all our funding needs for now.

Please consider donating to EFF for us, because they do a great job in defending your digital rights, including the right to run third party software on your own devices!

Download link Edit

  • [1] first announcement
  • [2] with QScale support
  • [3] Canon 2.0.8 firmware update

If you have any problems, please report them on the issue tracker. If you are interested in building your own version, you can download sources under the terms of the GPL.

Please note that this firmware requires Canon firmware 2.0.8 ONLY. If you have upgraded to 2.0.9, please be aware that this release will not work at all with it.

Good luck!

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