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Release notes for 0.1.4 Edit

  • Only works with Canon firmware version 1.1.0
  • Audio meters only work while recording
  • Only the external mic input is supported
  • HDMI, USB and composite video output are disabled
  • Zebras can not be disabled, threshold is not configurable, color can not be changed (fixed in 0.1.4)
  • Canon's onscreen menus will not function correctly
  • Picture Style button will bring up an event viewer and a gain menu (new in 0.1.4)
  • Digital zoom works again (x5 lockup fixed)
  • Button remapping is currently disabled
  • ALC is disabled
  • Digital gain defaults to +12 dB (adjustable via menu -- see ak4646 data sheet for details)
  • Analog gain defaults to +10 dB (adjustable via menu)
  • Windcut (highpass filter) is disabled
  • Lowpass filter is enabled with default params
  • EQ params are at the default settings
  • Err70 bug has been fixed
  • See download sources for GPLed software
  • Please consider donating to support the project

Download link Edit

THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE VERSION. Do not use it for production. There will be problems with it. It might destroy your camera. Please don't complain widely on the forums if something doesn't work -- we want to fix it. Please complain directly to me, hudson, so that things can get fixed!

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