Registers that can be used for clean HDMI out.

              lv bufsiz?   alt pitch   lv hsync?          ?   lv vscale         ?     
               C0F04310     C0F04318    C0F112c8   C0F112d0   C0F11308   C0F11310   C0F11314   C0F11450   C0F11590
Built-in LCD    1df05a0            0                    2cf?
Full HDMI       21b0ca8          258       35156        653      1878f    4370000    4770653    4370653      <-
Info HDMI       1b70a50          4b0       7212b        527     190a0d    36f0000    4770527    36f0527      <-
Rec  HDMI       1830500           a0       8202b        27f      2618f    3070000    477027f    183027f      <-
Zoom x10 HDMI   1580650          130
SD PAL          1cf03c0           78
SD NTSC         18303c0           78
0xC0F04208 - WriteEDmacYuv (HD buffer)
0xC0F04308 - WriteEDmacVram (LV buffer)

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