How to bootstrap a port of Magic Lantern to a new cameraEdit

Get a dumpEdit

  • if we know the keys: decrypting an update, or using 1100D method
  • else: like 550d, having the camera in hand is necessary, at least today ;-)
  • if you have a recent camera, you can help ML developer for tests or get a dump! No camera had ever been injured for this.

use CHDK finsig or Alex's console to find functions addressesEdit

Find "Hijack values" to start the consts.h fileEdit

Create stubs.S fileEdit

550D 109
NSTUB( 0x1938, task_dispatch_hook )

ROM:FF010320                 LDR     R3, =0x1938
ROM:FF010324                 LDR     R3, [R3]
ROM:FF010328                 CMP     R3, #0
ROM:FF01032C                 BEQ     loc_FF010348
ROM:FF010330                 MOV     R0, R4
ROM:FF010334                 LDR     R2, =0
ROM:FF010338                 STR     LR, [SP,#0x20+var_28]!
ROM:FF01033C                 MOV     LR, PC
ROM:FF010340                 MOV     PC, R3

Find VRAM addressesEdit

Get Unified tree and create a new platform directoryEdit

Create a signed .FIR to enable the bootflagEdit

  • Ask for a signature if needed to ML core developers

Start developmentEdit

  • See Developing_info
  • Reverse engineering is an activity where you learn a lot by yourself, but if you're really stuck, you can ask help on the Mailing List

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