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I have been looking into manual movie controls again lately, I've stumbled across an interesting looking property. The following two functions are actually parts of a slave register handler for a list of properties. The list is as follows:

0x80030001 - unknown
0x8003001E - unknown
0x80020000 - PROP_GUI_STATE
0x8002000D - unknown
0x80030012 - PROP_LAST_JOB_STATE


Located at:



Located at:



I have bmp_printf'd the property values with a PROP_HANDLER. It's buggy with the msleep, but it's the only way I can see the values when switching camera modes in LV.

bmp_printf(FONT_MED, 0, 300, "PROP_SHOOTING_MODE: %x | %x | %x | %x", buf[0], buf[1], buf[2], buf[3]);
return prop_cleanup(token, property);

Here are my results:

Movie Mode:        PROP_SHOOTING_MODE: 14 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74
[P] LiveView:      PROP_SHOOTING_MODE:  0 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74 
[Tv] LiveView:     PROP_SHOOTING_MODE:  1 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74
[Av] LiveView:     PROP_SHOOTING_MODE:  2 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74 
[M] LiveView:      PROP_SHOOTING_MODE:  3 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74 
[A-DEP] LiveView:  PROP_SHOOTING_MODE:  5 | 4 | 0 | 2fe74

Setting buf[0] to 3 (for M mode) while in movie mode exits LV and I am presented with the same screen I have on M mode. It's no longer a movie recorder with it, hm.

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