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MPU updatesEdit

With models under VxWorks, updates for the MPU was those with flags 0x0002:

$ python firmware/5d000111.fir
Fir_tool 0.6 for 5D/30D/400D (11Nov2010)

fileLen = 0x4f6424
---.fir header---
0x000: modelId = 0x80000213, (5D, VxWorks)
0x010: version = 1.1.1
---ciphered part (xor)---
 xor_decoding [0x20-0x4f6424]... OK (0213_111_firmware.bin)
0x020: checksum = 0xe1a7fb7b
0x024: updater offset = 0x30
0x028: firmware pack offset = 0x16e4d0
0x02c:  = 0x0
0x030: ---updater---
0x16e4d0: ---firmware---
0x16e4d0: (+0x000) firmware checksum = 0xe9f97565
0x16e4d4: 0x96e4d4 (only with 5D)
0x16e4d8: number of files in the pack = 6
0x16e4dc: offset to the file table = 0x20 (from 0x16e4d0)
0x16e4e0: header size = 0x140 (from 0x16e4d0). end of header = 0x16e610
0x16e4e4: size of file table = 0x120
0x16e4e8: size after table = 0x387e14
0x16e4cc: 0x1 (only with 5D)
0x16e4d0: (+0x020) files table
0x16e4f0: 0x01 0x0002  0x000140 0x000042 MPU_FIRMWARE                     0x0001f4
0x16e520: 0x02 0x0002  0x000182 0x0010a0 MPU_FIRMWARE                     0x00047e
0x16e550: 0x03 0x0002  0x001222 0x018098 MPU_FIRMWARE                     0x00ae4c
0x16e580: 0x04 0x0001  0x0192ba 0x35d8c0 --------                         0xf8010000 0x013880
0x16e5b0: 0x05 0x0001  0x376b7a 0x011398 --------                         0xf8780000 0x000172
0x16e5e0: 0x06 0x0002  0x387f12 0x000042 MPU_FIRMWARE                     0x0001f4
0x16e610: (+0x140) end of table, first file

With models under DryOS, these is updates with flags 0x200, See Update_records and the chip used is the Tx19a from Toshiba. See Datasheets and Tx19a.

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