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R0 R1 R2 R3 Called from: func <addr>
None None None None seq_create <0xFF026F3C>
None None 4096 None CardServiceMGR_Initialize <0xFF38503C>
None None 1024 None DDD_CreateTaskClass <0xFF29C220>
None None None 0@-é sub_FF1D810C <0xFF1D81B0>
None None None None createTask_maybe <0xFF06E14C>
None 25 0 TÀC moveLaunchEditMovie <0xFF43C464>
None None 0 ¨¦ fmLaunchCopyFile <0xFF16ABFC>
None None 1024 None beacon_cmd <0xFF01A314>
None None None 0@-é sub_FF1D8AB0 <0xFF1D8B30>
AEmodeJudge 26 1024 None sub_FF07C52C <0xFF07C594>
CmdShell 10 0 None sub_FF1D7F84 <0xFF1D7FBC>
CpuUsageTask 1 0 None create_CpuUsageTask <0xFF1DA978>
DOSDriver 26 0 None sub_FF06555C <0xFF065624>
DpsReceiveTask None 4096 None sub_FF0D4930 <0xFF0D4998>
EvShel 24 32768 None eventShell <0xFF0716B0>
EyeFi 25 4096 8@-é EyeFiTask_Initialize <0xFF16E64C>
GuiLockTask None 0 8@-é sub_FF02126C <0xFF021300>
GuiMainTask None 8192 0@-é GUI_Initialize <0xFF0200CC>
HotPlug 30 0 CreateTask_master <0xFF01AC00>
LpfMode 29 0 p@-é sub_FF090494 <0xFF0904D0>
MainCtrl 18 0 @-é create_MainMessQueue <0xFF01D8B4>
PowerMgr 32 1024 None create_PowerMgr_task <0xFF1D4C7C>
TaskMain 29 0 None sub_FF011C94 <0xFF011E0C>
WDTResetCounterTask 25 0 None sub_FF391C08 <0xFF391C78>
guisw 25 1024 None gus_cmd <0xFF01DCF0>

5D: #$@$%$#%# buggy script

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