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Remember the C# compiler message: not all code paths return a value?

So what's a code path?

A path is a unique sequence of branches from the function entry to the exit [1]. Any module with a succession of n decisions in it can have up to 2^n paths within it [2].

The basicsEdit

In order to perform static analysis of a function, it's useful to identify the code paths. This can be done by considering jumps (especially conditional ones).

Conditional suffixes in ARM ASM are [here]. You might have noticed that each suffix has an opposite one, like EQ -- NE or LS -- GE.

A conditional branch looks like this:

CMP     R0, #0x1F
LDREQ   R0, [R4,#4]
CMPEQ   R0, #0
BNE     a
BL      b

which is equivalent to (in Python-like pseudocode):

if R0 == 0x1F:
    R0 = RAM(R4 + 4)
    if R0 != 0:
        goto a

Other example:

CMP R0, 0

This is an if-then-else construct.

All conditional suffixes (EQ, NE etc.) look at the flags to decide if a branch is taken or not. Flags are changed by CMP, CMN, TST, TEQ and MSR (afaik), and also by the instructions with the S suffix. If you know more instructions which change the flags, please edit.

So, when one of those instructions is encountered, we have another branch.

Code is here. It's a mess, so if you find bugs, please report them here.

A code path is stored as a list of RAM addresses (long integers) and is built recursively by taking (or not taking) each conditional branch.

To test this, GraphViz can create a flow chart from all the code paths:


Tricky casesEdit

Complex branch conditionsEdit

A single "if" and two conditions which are not mutually exclusive: MI (opposite of PL) and CS (opposite of CC). I think both can be true or false or one true/other false simultaneously, so in this case there are 4 possible paths from the same point.

ROM:FF44F818                 MOVS    R2, R2,LSL#31
ROM:FF44F81C                 LDRMIB  R2, [R1],#1
ROM:FF44F820                 LDRCSB  R3, [R1],#1
ROM:FF44F824                 LDRCSB  R12, [R1],#1
ROM:FF44F828                 STRMIB  R2, [R0],#1
ROM:FF44F82C                 STRCSB  R3, [R0],#1
ROM:FF44F830                 STRCSB  R12, [R0],#1

Solution: when considering which branch to take, instead of saying "take the MI branch", it's better to say "take the MI or CS branch" (without limiting the number of non-opposite branch conditions). The list of conditions should be reset when encountering an instruction which changes the flags.

  • if you understand this and are native English speaker, please rephrase it


Those are really tricky. They can be found easily (in theory) by detecting a jump to a visited address (instruction).

Trick: there can be visited instructions which are not executed (because of the opposite branch condition. So there must be two lists: one with executable instructions (the actual code path) and another one with visited addresses (which I have to fix in the implementation).

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