These are some GPL tools for manipulating ARM code.

Since not everyone likes IDA (either due to annoyances in the demo version[1], cost of the full version[2], or IDAPython slowness), I'm listing here the GPL alternatives for disassembling.

There may be a lot of good tools floating around; if you know about them, please add them here.

CHDK GPL toolsEdit

Main source of inspiration :)


Work in progress. This will integrate all my analysis scripts.

You'll be able to use it for browsing the dumps without IDA, analyzing the firmware in NumPy, comparing firmwares for different cameras, and much more.

IDC-related scriptsEdit

I've developed some scripts compatible with IDC files (they don't require IDA, but can use databases saved in IDC format):

Those are being integrated in GPL_Tools/ARM_console.

Maybe related:

GPL scripts from CHDKEdit 0xff810000 dump.bin
  • annotate disassemblies with data from stubs-*.S files. Didn't test it yet.

GPL scripts from Trammell HudsonEdit

Related: Emulation

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