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Thank to the guys and the work that went into Magic Lantern, DSLR videographers, filmmakers and producers have an added flexibility afforded to them because of this utility.

If you own a Canon DSLR that shoots HD video this is worth checking out.

The beauty of Magic Lantern is that it's is developed for both photo and video enthusiasts; its features include manual audio, zebras, focus assist tools, bracketing, motion detection and much more.Plus built in timelapse, HDR options, peak VU meters, extended options and range increases on other functions also.


This addresses certain issues that those with video experience has found DSLR wanting in. As these features were common place and regularly used. For those who were purely photographer's shooting a small amount of video are now benefitting from these video feature as well.

For those new to DSLR video or filmmaking or not accustomed to working with the professional features. I'll give a brief rundown of how they are used.

  • Manual Audio Function - allows you to set the level of audio coming into and being recorded this prevent distortion from sound levels being to high or allows you raise if volume to quiet.
  • Peak VU meters - These volume meters allow you to visually see your sound levels so you can adjust according to the sound level you need.
  • Zebras - Allow you for to manage exposure of your video image and prevent you from over exposing an image where you loose detail form too much brightness or can be used to monitor that the exact brightness of exposure level desired if correct.
  • Focus assist - help to make sure you image is sharp, accurate and in clear focus due to the limitation of the small LCD on a DSLR you can't rely just on your eyes to see if you have full sharpness. The focus assist allows for you to pre-check the image sharpness before recording.

More information can be found out below.

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