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When using an intervalometer or software like Canon's EOS application or DSLRemote, you can't trigger a new exposure until about 1.2 seconds after the previous exposure finishes. For example, you can shoot a ten second exposure every 12 seconds. If the interval is any less, the camera skips frames. This is a real issue for timelapse photographers. The camera can obviously shoot faster than this but there doesn't seem to be any way of triggering new exposures more quickly.


Since Magic Lantern can chain together a relatively long sequence of shots for the purpose of bracketing exposure, my hope is that with a small tweak, this same functionality could be used to supercharge timelapse on the 5D Mk II. For example, would it be possible to set the number of exposures for bracketing to 100 and set the exposure bracketing amount to zero? This would hopefully cause the camera to take 100 shots in a row with each shot exposed for the length of time set in the Av menu without changing the bracketing amount between exposures. This would eliminate the delay between exposures and build advanced timelapse functionality directly into the camera.

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