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Flag Address Logic Eventproc What it does
FIRMWARE 0xF8000000 Negative call("EnableMainFirm")
If disabled (-1), camera will ask for a firmware update. A ML card is also accepted.
BOOTDISK 0xF8000004 Positive call("EnableBootdisk")
If enabled (-1), camera will load and run AUTOEXEC.BIN froom a bootable card. See Bootdisk.
RAM_EXE 0xF8000008 Negative N/A Checked along with the next one to show FROMUTILTY menu
Menu Flg 0xF8000024 FLAG != -1 N/A Checked along with the next above to show FROMUTILTY menu
IMGTEST_BIN 0xF8000010 ??? N/A Boots the IMGTEST.BIN
UPDATE 0xF800000C Negative call("EnableFirmware")
? (seems to come back to -1 at next boot)

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