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Parent: [AJ] Definitions to make reading of ASM code easier. [2010_06_17] AI : I might help ... Thanks Indy!!.

[2010_09_22] Welcome Alex!

ADKIZDET '= analog digital ? detector'
adp = (wft) adapter
AE = auto exposure
AF = auto focus
Angel routines are subroutines that help develop and debug Applications running on ARM-based hardware.
ALO = [Auto-exposure LOck] or [Angel Liveview O?]. [AI]:AutoLightOptimizer
ALV = Audio LeVel
AS = Active Sweep
ASIF = Audio (stream/signal/serial) InterFace
Assert = Test an assumption (an expression which should be always true). 
         If the test fails, program execution stops with a message indicating the expression, 
         source file and line number. See [1], [2].
BL = Backlight
BmpDDev = bitmap display device
BSS = Block of Data Segment that contains zero-initialised variables 
Bv = Brightness Value (others: Tv = shutter, Sv = ISO). See [3].
CAP = image CAPture
CAPLV = Capture LV
CBR = Call Back Routine
ceres = hardware extension with Wifi/GPS or USB driver (see ceresOpenFileValue, 0x91C0 and PTP)
CFn = Custom Function
CFS = card file system?
Chunk = Infrequently used subroutine segment that the compiler has put elsewhere in memory (from IDA Book)
CPY = copy (DIGIC assisted)
CRP = crypto
CSMR = Card Service ManageR
CTG = catalog
CU = CPU Usage
DCD = ASM syntax, not a string or a symbol. Means "Data Constant? Double word" (32bits). should not be in the dictionnary [e.g. ROM:FFC76984 DCD AJ_fssAvailable]
DCF = digital camera file
DCS = digital camera system
DDD = Dust Delete Data
DEC = jpeg decoding (DIGIC assisted)
DEFC = (image sensor) defect correction ?
DEFD = (image sensor) defect detection ?
DEFM = Defects Merge ("[DEFM] DefectsMergePath ChangeCBR")
DFE = ? (ReceiveDataFromDfe)
DL =
Dlg = (user) dialog 
DOS = Display Off Sensor
DP_ = develop. [AI] Direct Print ? (DP_CheckAvailablePrintType, DP_CheckAvailablePrintImageSize, DP_ConfirmPrintOptionRequest)
DPS = direct print system.
DPOF = digital print order format. 
DPATH = Data Path. [AI] Develop ?
DM = Debug Manager
DMA = Direct Access Memory. [AJ] Not on Chip cache memory. But something malloced around 0x40000000
EDID = HDMI related [AJ] 4:2:0 etc, see
ENG = Engine = DIGIC related 
ENGIO = DIGIC ENG input/output 
EM = Event Manager
EMD = Electromagnetic Diaphragm.
EV = event
FA = <guess> FActory. AI: Factory Adjustment
FACE/[FC] = FaceCatchPath
FC_ = File Catalog (=Cache?)
fcache = file cache
FCS = file create system?
Fct = Factory
FD = Face detection
FEN = Fencing. FencingA,B,C or FENM__RdDmac
FENM = Fencing Manager ?
FG = ?
FM = File Manager
FIO = File Input Output
FOD = FourIn3OutDevelopPath
FR = file reader?
FSS = File storage related. NB: FSS init reported as FCS in DebugMsg. 
FSU = File Storage Unit. 
Furikake = Defect detection hardware?
FW = file writer?
FYP = FactoryYuvPath
GERO = ?
GUI = Graphical User Interface
GYO = ? 
HST = HiSTogram (DIGIC assisted)
H264E = h264 encode
H264dec = h264 decode
HLout/HLin/SDout/SDin = HighLight and ShaDow. histogram related. See "( HLout - SDout2 ) - ( HLin - SDin2 ) ="
ICU = Integrated? central? unit. ARM code. See dumpf log "K270 ICU Firmware Version 1.0.9 ( 4.3.6 )" 
IMPD = image play driver
IPC = Inter Process Communication
IPCT = ?
ISR = Interupt Sub Routine - eg AJ_USBDetectISR()
jpcore = jpeg core
JPCORE = hardware assisted codec?
JPE = JpegEncodePath
Kaiser = Hardware? Hash funtion
k241 = WFT-E2 (see related update .fir file)
K8P2815UQB-DI4B = Samsung NOR flash :
LCOM = Lens Communication
LOT = LotusPath
LPF = <guess> Low Pass Filter
LV = Live View
LVA = LVAngel (See Angel)
LVCAF = LV contrast AF (AutoFocus)
LVCAE = LV contrast AE (AutoExposure)
LVCMD = LV contrast? Motion Detection
LVCPF = LV capture? Primary? Face
LVFS = LV Face Select(ion)
mbm29lv2mx16 = <guess>
MC = Master Control ? ("[MC] permit LV instant", "[MC] Enter Secret mode !!!")
Mcell = ? Guess something to do testing the chip / in Factory mode ? 
MDECROT = MjpegDecRotate
MD = Motion Detection (LiveViewCompMD.c)
MDET = Motion Detection
MON = MpuMonitor
MOVR = MOVie Reader
MOVW = MOVie Writer
Mn = Menu (like in StartMnStudioSetupMenuApp which create the Studio menu)
MPU = Main Processing Unit (==Toshiba TX19A). MIPS big endian 16bits. See HV30_Firmware_Analysis
MVP = MoVie Player
MVR = MoVie Recorder
MWB = Manual White Balance?
NG = NO GOOD (Eg "REMOTE_RELEASE NG!!"). Opposite of this is OK. Indy=or NextGen?
OB = Object  (eg ObIntegralPath)
OCH_SPx / OCHxEPx / OC4_14 / ICAPCHx = ? CH = channel?
OIO = <guess> Twin engine in one path related
OLC = O L(CD) C screen (on top on 60D/7D...) OEM-CANON-EOS-D30-OLC
OOD = OneInOneOutDefCorrePath
OPE = Operation - (eg as in DarkOperationPath)
PB = Play Back
PBROT = process? bitmap rotation
PcWb = something related to white balance?
PD = PTP DPS (develop with eos utility?) = <guess> Property Direct Print System
Pony = 'PrintPony'- Maybe this is a cartridge that never runs out?
PM = Power Manager
PROP = Property
PS = ? (also RPS=?)
PSI = ?
PT = Product Test (see here)
PTM = PropertyManager (guess)
PTP = Picture Transfer Protocol
QR = ?
Rasen = Sensor defect data ? See
RD = Read
REM = remote IF
RMT = remote
RSZ = ReSiZe (H264 /digic?)
RTC = real time clock
RTOM = Rto Manager
SDCOMM = SD card communication
SDIO = SDIO transport (can transport PTP). linked to WFT (ConnectedToSDIOHost). See
SDV/SDRV = SenserDriVe (as in VRAM_SDV_SetSenserDriveParameter FrameData or sdrv_SetSenserDriveParameter)
Semaphore's enable tracking of a shared resource through changes in state of use of counters.
SHTLV = shutter LV
sbs = white balance computation state function ?
sds = rear develop state functions (jpeg?)
sdf = (front?) develop to file ? yuv mem -> jpeg file ?
sfds = front develop functions
scs = capture state functions
sps = preDevelop State functions
SRM = Storage Resource Manager. AI: or ShaRed Memory ? close to 'smemShowFix'
SRD2 = Saridon2. hardware used for MDET (Motion Detection). able to substract 2 pictures ?
Strobo = Flash?
SUB = black subtraction ? (DIGIC assisted)
SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics
TG = Timing Generator (as in TGstandby). 'Light' reading reference:
THM = Thumbnail (directory cache file)
ThmDec = Thumbnail Decompress
TOD = TwoInOneOutDevelopPath
TOE = <guess> TCPIP Offload Engine?
TOM = [AI] tranfer object? manager [AJ] will check. Definitely something ot do with transfer. 
    TOM related to Ceres == WFT, which can be updated using a .UDP file (file format is .FIR)
Trans = Transaction
TRS = ?
TTJ = TwoInTwoOutJpegPath
TWIN = dual digic operation / transfer ?
U_D = Guess USB2.0 Driver
UCS = Universal Character Set.
VD = Vertical Data (as in VD Interrupt - like a Vsync)
VF = ViewFinder
VK = Virtual KeyBoard
WB = white balance
WB[BS]_GM = White Balance Bracketing/Shift: Green-Magenta
WB[BS]_BA = White Balance Bracketing/Shift: Blue-Amber
WDT = Watch Dog Timer
WL = Wireless? infrared (from SetStroboWLSettingData)
Wps = Wifi Protected setup? 
'WF '= White Flush
Wft = wireless file transmitter

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