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F8010000 -> 0xF8E2FFFF (program area, see bootcode)

Master (update type is 0x101):
F8010000 (mapped to FF810000). Master firmware (0x2a0000 in 2.0.0)
F8300000 master properties ? (size = 0x00035074 in 2.0.0)
F8700000 master data? (0x0001aedc in 2.0.0)

Slave (update type is 0x100):
F8010000 (mapped to FF010000). Slave firmware (0x890000 in 2.0.0)
F85B0000 GUI ressources (0x001f0b50 in 1.2.5)
F8910000 Fix. slave properties. (max size=0x40000, identical to F8300000 in 2.0.0)
F8CC0000 GUI ressources (0x00228e34 in 2.0.0). remplaces F85B0000 ?

F88F0000 Ring (max size=0x20000)
F8970000 Rasen (max size=0x30000)
F8A00000 Tune (max size=0x2c0000)


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