rom1           0xf0800000 -> 0xf0ffe000 (8mBytes)
rom0           0xf8000000 -> 0xf8ffffff (16mBytes)

Tune2          0xf0020000 (size=0x2a0000)
gui resources  0xf02c0000 (0x00336248 in update 1.1.2). See GUI_Resources

text start     0xf8010000
Custom         0xf8060000 (0x40000)

Program area   0xf80c0000 (size=0xa60000)  (main firmware)
Tune           0xf8b20000 (0x2e0000)
Lens           0xf8e00000 (0x60000)
Fix            0xf8e60000 (0x80000)
Rasen          0xf8ee0000 (0x60000)
Ring           0xf8f40000 (0x40000) . Properties in first 0x20000 ? See PROPAD_CreateFROMPropertyHandle in updater
Debug data     0xf8f80000 (0x40000)
rcbind         0xf8fc0000
cpher          0xfffd5000 (0xc310)
imgtext        0xfffe0000
bootcode       0xffff0000 (execute imgtest)

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