Dump_fir 0.4 (30apr2012)

fileLen = 0xf06d30
0x000: checksum = 0xa6d1700f
0x004: 0x00000000
0x008: 0x00000002
0x00c: 0x00000000
0x010: nb_record = 0x7
0x014: table_offset = 0x20
0x018: record_size = 0x18
0x01c: size_after = 0xf06c64
0x020: ---patches table---
      + tag  + foffset  +   size   + moffset
 0x01: 0x0200 0x000000c8 0x00000a7c 0x00000000
 0x02: 0x0200 0x00000b44 0x0008d816 0x00000000
 0x03: 0x0200 0x0008e35c 0x0003e184 0x00000000
 0x04: 0x0200 0x000cc4e0 0x0012b534 0x00000000
 0x05: 0x0100 0x001f7a14 0x0007ebbc 0xf8e60000 <-- FIX
 0x06: 0x0100 0x002765d0 0x00336248 0xf02c0000 <-- Gui resources (finnish menu)
 0x07: 0x0100 0x005ac818 0x0095a514 0xf80c0000 <-- main firmware
0x0c8: ---patch#1---

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