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List of Values and Subroutines 'ValSubList'Edit

This memory structure is references when creating a new StateObject.

ROM:FFC76960 aAJ_0xFFC76960_fss_ValSubList 
                             DCD unk_0          
ROM:FFC76964                 DCD AJ_fssPostDebugJob
ROM:FFC76968                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC7696C                 DCD AJ_fssDummyWrite
ROM:FFC76970                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC76974                 DCD AJ_fssNotifyJob
ROM:FFC76978                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC7697C                 DCD AJ_fssPostJob
ROM:FFC76980                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC76984                 DCD AJ_fssAvailable
ROM:FFC76988                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC7698C                 DCD AJ_fssCancel
ROM:FFC76990                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC76994                 DCD AJ_fssCompleteJob
ROM:FFC76998                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC7699C                 DCD AJ_fssSW1On
ROM:FFC769A0                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC769A4                 DCD AJ_fssSW2On
ROM:FFC769A8                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC769AC                 DCD AJ_fssSW2Off
ROM:FFC769B0                 DCD unk_0
ROM:FFC769B4                 DCD AJ_fssRegister
ROM:FFC769B8                 DCD aFcsstate           ;

There is no Terminiation of the list - its hardcoded.

Note ... usually floating around (just before) is a piece of memory with no Xrefs. Thats because its position is passed as the sart of the ValSubList - 4.
Its the name of the StateObject. It points to a string - "FSSState" in the case below

ROM:FFC7695C aAJ_0xFFC7695C_fss_StateName DCD aFssstate ; AJ: Ref:      AJ_setup_fss_ValSubList()

See also: StateObject

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