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This is and 8 byte struct that is populated with details of where the MovieWriter_struct is located.

Location = 0x1EE0. Size = 8 bytes

[0x00] aAJ_0x1EE0_MovieWriterPtr_struct_0x00_0x04
[0x04] aAJ_0x1EE4_MovieWriterPtr_struct_0x04_MovieWriter_struct_ptr Points to MovieWriter_struct
malloced in AJ_MOVW_Initialize() at 0xFF851170


MovieWriter_struct (also called: MOVW, MVW)Edit

This has the Movie Wrtiter details inside it.

Location = aAJ_0x1EE0_MovieWriterPtr_struct_0x04_MovieWriter_struct_ptr . Size = 0x100 bytes

[0x00] name value comment

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