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[2010_06_01]: strcmp() function located at 0xFF87CBE8

ROM:FF87CBE8 ; +-------------------+
ROM:FF87CBE8 ; | AJ_strcmp.R0.n.R1 |
ROM:FF87CBE8 ; +-------------------+
ROM:FF87CBE8 ; int r0 = parm1 = Null term string1
ROM:FF87CBE8 ; int r1 = parm2 = Null term string2
ROM:FF87CBE8 ; int RETURN_R0 = 0 = Strings same up until either is Null_byte
ROM:FF87CBE8 ;              != 0 = Point at diff [parm2+N] - [parm1+N]
ROM:FF87CBE8 AJ_strcmp.R0.n.R1

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