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The dispcheck() routine in DryOs incorporates the YUV -> RGB transformation used to convert LCD palette entries into the colour palette stored in the header of the TEST.BMP.


* R = Y + 1.403V'                 * Canon uses 1.402 due to rounding error
* G = Y - 0.344U' - 0.714V'       *
* B = Y + 1.770U'                 * Canon uses 1.772 due to rounding error

. The YUV of the 5D2 palette colours looks a little like this:

Y U     - Each box has the Y (Luma), U , V, and T (Transparency)    



When you convert it to RGB ... using the above formula, you get:


And ... a quick first attempt at convert VRAM directly into Overlay (16 bits -> 8 bits)

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